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Individualised courses for school leavers with Neurodiversity

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SLES Based on Needs

Courses and work experience will be delivered over a 48 week period with some breaks between modules to reflect on the learning as well as source work experience opportunities.

Introduction to SLES

Employ for Ability is delivering individualised School Leavers Employment Support for people with an Autism diagnosis. Each participant will receive a comprehensive review of strengths, goals and a tailored program that meets their needs of developing the skills and attitudes necessary to become a successful employee.

The tailored programs will incorporate courses on self development to learn about the important aspects of determining work interests as well as obtaining and sustaining employment.

The most important aspect will be putting all the learning together and participating in work experience opportunities across a range of roles of interest. All of this will be supported by autism trained consultants to maximise the results for each individual.

Individualised Focus

Individualised courses that will be offered in groups or one-on-one depending on need are as follows:

  • Understanding Autism and identifying your strengths
  • Theory of mind, learning different perspectives, and managing intolerance of uncertainty
  • Managing comorbidities
  • Time management skills using tools and techniques
  • Emotion control – Window of Tolerance
  • Effective Communication Program
  • Communication skills, verbal, written, non-verbal
  • Self-regulation, managing anxiety and depression using mindfulness
  • How to get to work
  • Getting organised for work; tips hints, routines, hygiene, dress
  • Unwritten rules of work
  • Finance skills, pay, super, spending, planning
  • Role of managers, supervisors, mentors and buddies in your career
  • Work Ready Program
  • Work experience
  • Entrepreneurship – starting a micro business
  • Employment Pursuit Program: Strategies and skills to get employment
  • Meeting a new employer
SLES Autism

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