I stand Congratulated as the Managing Director of Employ for Ability for receiving the Outstanding Alumnus award from the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership program, at Oxford University presented by Lalit Johri.

Since attending the OAMLP in 2016, I have been working on defining and implementing my social purpose of helping Neurodiverse people to find meaningful work and to help organisations understand the competitive advantage of hiring Neurodiverse talent.Working alongside organisations like Specialisterne, the Federal Government and the Canberra Business Chamber has allowed me the opportunity to work in a space that is extremely rewarding from a personal perspective.

Helping people find a role is about so much more than just the money they earn. They develop a sense of purpose, a sense of achievement, of contributing to society, feeling valued and self respect. For family members it reduces their anxiety around what is the future for my autistic son or daughter.

The work is really only beginning and a long road ahead is opening up to move society towards the goal of understanding the value that Neurodiversity can provide to employers. The Neurodiversity advantage.


David Smith for Employ for Ability –  Linkedin + Facebook
An autism and neurodiversity employment specialist and advocate.
Working for the last 20 years in the recruitment sector coaching and mentoring clients, candidates and staff to reach their potential.